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Vacuum Bags

Vacuum seal bags have a multitude of uses, including:

  • Preserving sturdy foods such as grains, frozen food, and seasonings
  • Covering clothes that you wish to keep safe and sealed
  • Protecting fragile items during shipping
  • And so much more!

Vacuum sealing food is especially good for retaining a food’s freshness level. For example, dried foods such as jerky and dried fruit along with cereal make great choices for vacuum sealing to keep them from becoming stale. Dried jerky and dried fruits can be stored safely within the special bags and retain their flavor, saving money and reducing waste!

We at AllStuff offer a variety of sizes to fit all of your vacuum sealing needs, including:

  • 11”x14” bags
  • 11”x55” bags
  • 8”x12” bags
  • 8”x55” bags
  • 8”x55” at 100 count
  • 11” x 55” at 100 count
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Vac Seal Bag, 11"X14"

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Vac Seal Bag 11"X55"

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Vac Seal Bag, 8"X12"

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Vac Seal Bag, 8"X55"

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Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves have long been a staple across multiple industries, and the pandemic has only intensified their prevalence. Among the vast array of gloves, the most prevalent are Latex and Nitrile gloves for their convenience and functionality. They’re an easy and comfortable method of keeping your hands-free of any bacteria in a multitude of environments. These gloves may sound like they’re restricted to professionals, but Latex and Nitrile gloves can also be used at home and in the workplace.

Our Latex gloves are powder-free and are used primarily by healthcare, nail, and janitorial professionals to protect against harmful bacteria, chemicals that are harmful to skin, and range of flexibility while working.

Those who are allergic to latex gloves can use Nitrile gloves instead. They work just as well as Latex gloves and grant significant protecting against harmful chemicals for those working fast-paced environments like hospitals or car shops.

AllStuff’s 100 count powder-free Latex and Nitrile glove boxes come in a variety of hand sizes as well as thickness levels to help tackle these day-to day issues. Our gloves are powder-free for a smoother wearing experience and have free ground shipping on orders of $50.00 or more.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have become a must-have item for going outside. What was previously a lower-use product has become the gold standard beyond gloves for keeping bacteria off hands. At AllStuff, we have a three sizes of hand sanitizers available:

  • Small size 2oz. Gel Sanitizers
  • Medium size 3.38oz Sanitizers
  • Large size 17oz. Pump Sanitizers

Small hand sanitizers are perfect for commuters and people going out often. Slip one into your kid’s backpack before they leave to school or hand it to your spouse as they leave for work to ensure they keep themselves safe and clean.