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New/unused items may be returned within 30 days from date of purchase. Return shipping fees will apply.

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If there are mistakes with your order or products arrive defective or damaged at the time of receipt, then we will make it right! We will replace your item and will cover the cost of return shipping.

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No, we do not offer testing or tester products. However, we do process returns of any reason.

No, you do not need to register for an account to place orders. However, under the Guest option, you will not be able to view your order history.

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You may cancel your order by sending in an email or calling our customer support services. We will try our best to cancel the order if it has not been processed or shipped out.

No, you may not modify an order if the order has already shipped.

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Ink and Toner Product Information

In the compatible toner FAQ, it should be reworded to say: A compatible toner is very similar to an OEM cartridge. The only difference is the compatible toner is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer. The parts are all similar in design and construction compared to the OEM and can be used where the OEM toner would be used. Compatible toner cartridges may be used in a variety of printers compared to a genuine OEM cartridge.

Each cartridge is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM product specifications for yield*, output quality, and overall performance. The only difference you should notice between our products and the OEM products is the savings you receive.

*Yield information is an estimation based on a 5%-page coverage. Actual yield may vary based upon machine, paper type, humidity and actual prints.

To support our focus on quality, ink and toner products only use premium raw materials from world-class suppliers to ensure the best product performance. The toners we use in our cartridges will meet or exceed OEM performance specifications.

Compatible and remanufactured supplies are warranted to be free from manufacturing and material defects for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase. If, at any time, AllStuff.coms' compatible and remanufactured supplies fail to perform according to the above, we will replace the item or credit the full purchase price.

Please feel free to contact our customer service team. We will review the nature of your claim, and try our best to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Please contact’s customer service to obtain a Return Authorization Number and shipping instructions. We will credit or exchange the defective cartridge as soon as we have received and inspected the item.

A drum is the device which transfers the toner’s ink onto the page being printed. Think of it this way – the toner and drum work together in order to print images and text onto paper. The toner provides the ink necessary for the drum to transfer onto the page during the printing process.

As a rule of thumb, replace the drum unit in your machine after using up 3 to 4 toner cartridges to ensure best quality prints. If you print more, then you may need to replace your drum unit more often.

Page yield is the average number of pages that a print cartridge should be able to print. For example, a Brother TN450 cartridge has a page yield of 2.6K, meaning that the cartridge should provide ink to 2,600 copies at minimum.

First, take the toner out of the box and remove the protective film from the print head, (the part of the toner with color) taking care not to touch the print head. Once this is done, simply open your printer’s toner compartment and place the toner inside.

No, our compatible products function just as well if not better than the OEM items.


To figure out which toner is correct to purchase for your printer, simply type the name of the toner you are looking at into a search function and see if that cartridge is compatible with your printer model. Most toners will have the models it is compatible with within the box description or a simple search on either the manufacturer’s website or on your machine. For example, our HP 131X toner lists its compatible models both within the product description online, and on the box. If you still have questions, feel free to email or call our AllStuff customer service for assistance.

This can vary from printer to printer, but here are some general steps to either replacing or installing a new toner into your printer:

  • Lift the scanner portion of your printer.
  • Lift up the top of your printer.
  • If there is a toner cartridge, remove it by pulling out the toner cartridge gently.
  • Remove your toner from its packaging by locating the orange clip and lifting it upward until it comes off.
  • Then, taking care not to touch the toner color cartridge itself, remove the orange tab containing the protective tape by pulling horizontally.
  • Place the toner in your printer by pressing it firmly into the indicated section until it’s secure.
  • Close the top of the printer and begin printing.

Some important things to consider when buying a printer are how many pages you’re expecting to print per day and the size of your workplace. For example, our Kyocera EcoSys P5026cdw (1102RB2US0) Color Network Printer is small, prints 27 ppm (Pages Per Minute), and is designed with small offices or personal users in mind. Thus, individual users or offices with a small print load per day may want to consider the Kyocera EcoSys P5026cdw printer over a higher volume and larger printer.

At AllStuff, we specify in the title whether or not a printer is black and white only or color. For a printer you’ve already bought, there should be a color wheel adjacent to the printer model number on your printer that indicates that the printer is black and white or color.

Canes & Crutches

Typically, crutches are necessary for those who cannot move independently and either have a leg injury or another immobilizing factor. Canes are designed for people who can walk independently and need extra balance or stability.

Charming Canes are durable and are made with an aluminum shaft.

Yes, they are easily adjustable from 33 inches to 37 inches in 1-inch increments.

Home & Kitchen

You can vacuum seal a variety of items, preferably items that can be dried or that aren’t perishable. This can include clothing, dried fruits, grains, etc.

Yes. Clothing is safe to be vacuum-sealed and will help you save space for storage.

Absolutely, raw meat is safe to be vacuum-sealed and can keep the meat fresh for longer.

Yes, fruits are able to be vacuum-sealed. However, easily-bruised fruits like bananas or apples are poor choices. Cucumbers, Zucchinis, and other sturdier foods are easier to vacuum-seal.

Vacuum sealing products is a form-fitting manner to preserve most items. By sealing items inside the air-tight bags, you can prevent items from getting eroded by elements or other means better than simple storage.

Latex gloves and Nitrile gloves serve the same purpose of protecting hands from dangerous materials. Latex gloves are used primarily by healthcare, nail, and janitorial professionals to protect against harmful bacteria, chemicals that are harmful to skin, and range of flexibility while working. Nitrile gloves grant significant protection against more powerful and corrosive harmful chemicals, making them the perfect choice for people working in fast-paced environments. They offer greater protection than latex gloves in spaces with hazardous materials such as laboratory fluids, car oil, and nail polish remover.

No. While using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will provide decent protection against viruses and bacteria, washing your hands with soap and water is the strongest recommendation to keep yourself free from germs.

Barring extreme cases of a seriously contagious skin-to-skin disease, no. Hand sanitizer bottles may contain germs on the outside, but using alcohol-based solutions will eliminate most bacteria.